About Me

My name is Kathryn Denton. I graduated from the DePauw University School of Music with a Bachelor’s in Music Business in May of 2008. I am currently enrolled in DePaul’s (yes, DePauw AND DePaul) Master’s in Public Relations and Advertising program with a June 2013 anticipated graduation. I’m currently working at Brad’s Deals as SEO Coordinator.

My main interest is in arts marketing, specifically in audience development. My dream is to some day work in the Marketing Department at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra- hence you will most likely see them mentioned in a lot of my posts. I play the flute and piccolo and have a love of almost all types of music (sorry Country lovers, I just can’t dig it). After the Beatles the bands closest to my hear are Our Lady Peace and the Goo Goo Dolls. I have learned that if you are persistent and desperate enough you can meet any famous person that you want to. Loitering around after concerts has gotten me pics with 3/4 of OLP, Johnny Reznick, and (don’t judge me here) Tommy & Dick Smothers (I managed to sweet talk the security guard into that one by saying “Hello, look at me, I’m their youngest adoring fan by like 50 years, let me in.” and he did.)

What’s with the name of the blog? Well there’s a lot blogs out there, a lot. And fortunately for the arts, a lot of arts people are writing about marketing for them. When I decided to start writing one I imagined some undergrad student just starting to research everything that’s out there, coming across my blog and thinking “Ugh! Really? not ANOTHER arts marketing blog!” I like to think that us arts managers (well, in my case, aspiring arts managers) will someday rule the internet and overwhelm people with our extensive and incredible wealth of knowledge on what makes people buy (or not buy) your tickets.

On a side note: A few years ago my Mom and I started playing around with making jewelery. Check out the awesomeness at Denton Designs.


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