The Future of Advertising….

17 Nov

I decided I need to add some sort of regularity to this blog, and instead of feeding it a Jamie Lee Curtis-promoted yogurt, I came up with Thirsty Thursdays. On Thursdays I will post any interesting blog posts, tweets, articles, or anything else that people thirsty for marketing/PR insights would (hopefully) be interested in reading.
Is in Cat Videos. I discovered this article this week and thought it would be a perfect topic for Thirsty Thursday since it does all the work for me. (My advertising presentation is today and I don’t really have time to blog).

While these two videos seem ridiculous (my favorite quote is “You know what’s not cool? A million hits. You know what is cool? Cat videos”), I took from them a sense of warning. Warning for all of us to be ware of the dangers of getting swept up into fads. Viral videos are the wet dream of anyone responsible for promoting pretty much anything. (or anyone really looking for their 15 seconds of internet fame. Anyone remember sitting around watching Candy Mountain?)

What today looks like magic, tomorrow looks like the after effects of a long night of binge drinking.

Catvertising: It’s OKAY folks if cat videos really are the future of advertising. Because one thing we learn from fads like this is that you’ll still fail if you have crummy content. On the other hand, if you have good content AND are able to master the fad, you’ll becoming King of the Catbox.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that cute fuzzy kittens can save your sinking ship.
If after watching these videos you ARE going to jump on the cat video bandwagon….my own cats ARE available for hire…

See some of their prior work:

Cats in Advertising

Use them for Holiday advertisements

Cats in Advertising

As grumpy old ladies

Cats in Advertising

Beatles and cats and Halloween? Three wins in one.

Cats in Advertising

Use them for G-Rated love scenes


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